Manual - Adest Web Administration

Manual - Adest Web Administration

Adest User Administration


The follow document describes the use of the Adest Web Administration site. This includes the process for adding and changing existing users within the Adest system. 

Adding New Users

The web administration page is available at http://SERVERNAME/adestwebadmin. Browse to the section Users, Groups, and Batch Lists section.

[Fig 1]

Select this link to enter the user and group administration section.  Select Manage Users to display the page of the list of all users. The actual name of the user appears here and not the user name. A user can be selected to show quick information about the account, for e.g. username or email address.

[Fig 2]

The above administration section allows to Add, Delete, Update or Lock users. It would be advisable to never delete a user as they would still have purchase orders and invoices created under that user and for auditing reasons the account may be needed in the future. Therefore it is advised to lock accounts for users who have left the organisation.

Select the Add button from the user administration section [Fig 2], the Add New User [Fig 3] will appear to enter all the necessary details for the user. The only information required is the full name of the user, the login id (active directory user name), and the users email address.

Only user the password options when not using auto logon. 

[Fig 3]

Select the Member Of link from the toolbar at the top of the window and add the user to the required group level. Note only one user can be assigned to one group.  Click ok on the screens to save the details and user should exist in the administration screen with the list of users [Fig 2].

Updating a User

To update a user, select a user from the list of users [Fig 2] and select the Update button. Amend the details or group for the user as per the instructions above.  Note as above only one user can be assigned to one group. If the user is already assigned to a group, the administrator must remove the group from the user by select the group in the Group list window [Fig 4] and click the remove button. A new group can now be assigned to that user.

[Fig 4]

Login Console

The logon console is used to see which users are logged into the Adest applications. Users can be logged out of the application via the login console to free up licenses.

Select the login console option from the management console section.

Entering the login console section will show a list of all Adest applications and the licenses available for each application. 

The common applications is the Adest Client (Adest AP desktop client), and Adest Web which is used by invoice approvers and purchase order creators.

The login console shows the currently used licenses, the number of remaining licenses and the total number of licences available for each application.

In the above screenshot, the total Adest Web licences is 100 where 1 is in use. To view the users currently logged into each application, select the plus symbol beside each application.

This will show when each user currently logged in and the date and time the user first accessed the application. 

To logout a user, select the user within the list and click the Logout User(s) button. The user will be forced to login to the application again and this will free up the licensed currently used. 


In the unlikely event of an error occurring during any of the above process please contact with the details of the error and instructions on how to reproduce the error.

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